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Catalysing the DNA-Economy

A future-proof world made with microbes

Funding secured

Synbio Powerlabs secures 6,6 million euros for a novel precision fermentation pilot in Lappeenranta, Finland.

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Upscale your Biotech with us

Synbio Powerlabs will enable the development of disruptive biotechnologies with precision fermentation, from lab-scale experiments to large-scale pilot runs.

Bioprocess pilot
for precision fermentation

We offer scale-up piloting services for demanding fermentation, helping companies ignite the commercialization and scale-up of their next-level biotech innovations.

Bioprocess piloting as a service

Our unique infrastructure setup will offer upscaling and piloting opportunities for clients throughout the bioeconomy value chain.

We offer equipment dedicated to food-grade bioprocesses as well as a line for non-food-grade processes.

Synbio Powerlabs will be pioneering a process to recover side stream and residual sugars for precision fermentation.

The Synbio Powerlabs offers modular pilot equipment:

  • Pre-treatment of biomass with our 10m3 multipurpose reactor

  • Membrane Technologies for sugar recovery

  • 2 x 27m3 aerobic bioreactors for food grade production

  • Food grade downstream 

  • Analytics & Inoculation laboratory


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